Sat, Aug 24 2019

Happy Birthday Brian B & Vador
Gymversary Matt B-4
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Back Squat Max on Feb 12, 2020 (7 days ago)
AMRAP,Festivus,Partner WOD: Festivus2019.HangonsyncupFestivus,Partner WOD: Festivus2019.45isthenew21-15-9


AMRAP,Festivus,Partner WOD: Reps-Rx+
With an 8-minute Running Clock

Divide and Conquer Buy In

- Intermediates: 100 Hanging Knees to Chest (toes above hips)
- Novice/Masters: 100 Hanging Knee Raises (knees above hips)
Kettlebell Escalating Synchro AMRAP

2-4-6-8-10 and so on of ...
- Synchro Alternating KB Shoulder To Overhead
- Synchro Russian KB Swing
- Synchro Goblet KB Squat

RX+ (53/35)
RX (35/26)

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Russell112 Rx+
Amanda R130 Rx
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