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Thursday Sep 22,2016

Climb the Ladder 2Foundations WOD #6Max Minute Handstand Pushups

Climb the Ladder 2

With a partner, complete the following for time:
10 Burpee Pullups
20 Dips
40 V-ups
80 Lunge Steps
1000 m row
80 Lunge Steps
40 V-ups
20 Dips
10 Burpee Pullups
Partners may split the reps up as they wish but each partner must do some of the movements each time.  Only one partner works at a time.  Partners use the same rower for a partner total of 1000 meters.

0% 0%
1st10:40Erica Thu,Sep 22,2016
2nd13:06Amanda R Thu,Sep 22,2016
3rd13:07Akilah Thu,Sep 22,2016
Kandi Thu,Sep 22,2016
1st12:04 Steve R Thu,Sep 22,2016
2nd14:12Ryan J Thu,Sep 22,2016
Brian B Thu,Sep 22,2016
3rd16:49Mark P Thu,Sep 22,2016

Victoria16:05  Not Rx
Akilah13:07  Not Rx
Chan15:44  Not Rx
Karissa16:05  Not Rx
Andrea15:09  Not Rx
Laurie15:09  Not Rx
Kandi13:07  Not Rx
Charles8:55  Not Rx Solo, 1/2 reps
Steve R12:04 Rx
Nikki14:04  banded dips
Devin14:04 Rx
Brian B14:12  banded dips
Ryan J14:12  banded dips
Tara H14:48  green band
Brandi13:06  skinny black band
Heather E16:02  bench dips
Mark P16:49  Not Rx
Marta15:52  Not Rx
James F21:28  bench dips
Tara G14:48  green band
Josh14:29 Rx
Jon De15:52  Not Rx
Logan14:29  Not Rx
Amanda R13:06  skinny black band
Erica10:40  solo; toe dips
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